The Best Insurance Companies in Egypt

Publish Date: 14 Mar 2022

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The Best Insurance Companies in Egypt

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Faydety is glad to introduce the top insurance companies in Egypt such as Allianz, Royal, AXA Egypt, and Orient. All of which offer the best insurance deals on the market.


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The Top Insurance Companies in Egypt




  • Very well-known German company based in Munich.
  • Established in 1890.
  • Allianz provides insurance products/services in more than 70 countries.


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Royal Insurance:


  • One of the top insurance companies in Egypt, Royal Insurance was established in 2001.
  • Royal provides many different insurance products to its clients in Egypt.


Egyptian Takaful Insurance Company:


  • The Egyptian Takaful Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance companies in Egypt.
  • The company offers all types of liability and property insurance products.
  • Specialized teams are available to assess the appropriate insurance coverage for different hazards.
  • All insurance products and services are carefully designed for each client under the supervision of a Sharia supervisory board.


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AXA Egypt:


AXA provides different insurance products and services such as medical insurance, personal accident insurance, life& savings insurance, and car insurance. AXA started operation in Egypt in 2015 and since then has offered exceptional insurance plans to its clients. 

AXA has successfully provided insurance coverage to more than 1,000,000 customers in Egypt so far. AXA operates in more than 60 countries.




  • One of the best insurance providers in Egypt.
  • Gig offers many premium insurance products including but not limited to car insurance, insurance against burglary and fire, engineering insurance, marine insurance, general accident insurance, medical insurance, and special risks insurance.




  • Orient Takaful Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Orient Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The company was established in 1982 in Dubai and started operating in Egypt in 2019.
  • It is one of the leading takaful insurance providers in Egypt.


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Tokio Marine:


  • One of the finest insurance companies in Egypt.
  • Tokio Marine is a multinational insurance holding company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Revenue wise Tokyo Marine is the largest property/casualty insurance group in Japan.


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