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What is Home Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance is a type of insurance policy that safeguards your home in case of an unforeseen accident. Home insurance covers damage to the home (interior and exterior), personal property (furniture, movable items, etc.), but the coverage differs from one insurance company to another.

These unforeseen accidents cover the following:

  • Natural disasters such as floods/storms/wind damage/earthquakes.
  • Lightning, fire, and explosions.
  • Unexpected freshwater pipe bursts or malfunctioning freshwater devices.
  • Theft or sabotage by a non-family member or those in service for the insured.

An important prerequisite before you apply for home insurance is that you must be the homeowner 

Examples of accidents covered by homeowner’s insurance policies:

  • Electrical fire.
  • Theft by a non-family member or those in service for the insured.

How is the home insurance premium calculated?

The home insurance policy amount is determined based on the value of the building itself without the land, which means that the home insurance policy covers the building value “not including the land’s value” + the cost of the interior decorations and furnishing. 

Which incidents are NOT covered by home insurance policies?

Cases of accidents directly or even indirectly related to the following:

  1. Any belongings which are not the property of the insured homeowner (i.e.: property which the homeowner is not legally liable for).
  2. Damage/sabotage caused by a family member or a person in their service.
  3. Any damage caused to the building or its contents after the property is rented out without informing the insurance company first.
  4. Any damage caused to the building or its contents if the property has been vacant for more than 30 days without informing the home insurance company.
  5. Damage caused by terrorist acts, war, or nuclear radiation.

What information and documents do you need to acquire a home insurance policy?

  • Home information:
    1. Construction value
    2. Finishing Value
    3. Fittings & Furniture Value
  • Documents:
    1.  National ID

How to choose the best home insurance policy for you?

  1. Enter all the required information into the Faydety Insurance Brokerage search fields
  2. Compare between the different offers of the Insurance Companies
  3. Make sure you don’t only look at the prices but understand all the benefits offered like:
    1. Amount deductible from the coverage value
    2. Coverage limits

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