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What is Personal Accident Insurance?

This is a type of insurance policy that covers damage caused to the insured party due to an accident that may take place anywhere. Personal Accident insurance is suitable for everyone as it provides a safety net in case an accident occurs. 

A personal accident may lead to:

  • An injury that requires medical attention and fees.
  • Partial permanent disability.
  • Total permanent disability.
  • Temporary total disability (weekly payments are made by the insurance company).
  • Death.

Examples of personal accidents:

  • Traffic accident.
  • Fire.
  • Broken bones because of an accident.

Personal Accident Insurance Coverage:

Personal accident insurance policies offered by Insurance Companies covers 5 main types of risks:

  1. Total Permanent Disability: 

Terms of payment of compensation:

  1. The insured party must not be able to continue working in their day job due to the disability.
  2. The insured party submits a compensation request to the personal accident insurance company which pays the due amount within 12 months of the date the accident occurred. 
  3. The personal accident insurance company pays 100% of the personal accident plan coverage.


  1. Temporary Total Disability:

Terms of payment of compensation:

  1. The disability caused by the accident prevents the insured party from working for up to 52 weeks.
  2. If after 52 weeks the insured party is still unable to pursue their profession the disability level changes from temporary total disability to total permanent disability.
  3. The compensation is calculated based on the insured’s weekly wages, for up to 52 weeks maximum or 1% of the personal accident insurance coverage amount. The personal accident insurance company chooses the lesser amount. 
  4. Partial Permanent Disability:

Terms of payment of compensation:

  1. The disability in question must be included in the list of disabilities in the compensation addendum in the policy.
  2. The compensation request must be submitted within 12 months of the personal accident.
  3. The personal accident insurance company compensates the insured according to the percentage of disability stated in the policy.


  1. Death:

Terms of payment of compensation:

  1. If the personal accident leads to the death of the insured party, then the personal accident insurance company pays 100% of the personal accident policy coverage amount.
  2. The personal accident insurance company pays the due amount to the beneficiaries as per the personal accident insurance policy terms.


  1. Reimbursement of medical fees incurred due to a personal accident

In this case the insured must have been admitted to a hospital due to a personal accident taking place and to have paid the medical fees. The insured then submits the hospital bills to the personal accident insurance company and they will be reimbursed in accordance with their personal accident insurance policy terms which is typically a percentage of the total coverage amount.

What is the difference between Personal Accident Insurance and Life Insurance?

Personal Accident Insurance covers personal accidents that lead to either bodily injury or death while Life Insurance policies cover death only whatever the cause may be but do not cover injuries of any type.

Use Faydety’s filter for Personal Accident Insurance and compare between different insurance companies. 

What information and documents do you need to acquire a personal insurance policy?

  • Personal information:
    1. Vocation
    2. Age
  • Document:
    1. National ID

How to choose the best personal accident insurance policy for you?

  1. Enter all the required information into the Faydety Insurance Brokerage search fields
  2. Compare between the different offers of the Insurance Companies
  3. Make sure you don’t only look at the prices but understand all the benefits offered like:
    1. Medical reimbursement percentage
    2. Coverage area

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