The Best Medical Insurance for Freelancers in Egypt

Publish Date: 19 Dec 2022

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The Best Medical Insurance for Freelancers in Egypt

Download our application and find the best medical insurance for freelancers

Are you a freelancer? Do you have a problem finding good medical insurance? Faydety for Insurance Brokerage is here to save the day! All you have to do is download Faydety’s mobile application to get in touch with Faydety’s experts and solve your medical insurance problems.

We know that one of the biggest problems facing freelancers in Egypt is issues with social insurance and medical insurance because they need to find a company that offers these options for freelancers.


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Medical insurance for freelancers


So, what is the solution regarding medical insurance specifically geared towards freelancers? Who will stand by you in times of need and support you during a health crisis?

Faydety is here to provide you with a number of medical insurance companies in Egypt that offer some of the best insurance services at the best prices. Faydety will also help you compare between offers, make your decision and get your own medical insurance policy as soon as possible with just your national ID card.


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If you are a freelance worker your problem with medical insurance is solved


If you are a freelancer your problem is solved, you don’t have to worry about medical insurance anymore as Faydety is here to provide you with the best medical insurance offers and the best plans at the best prices.

All you need is your national ID card and a personal photo, nothing else.


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Get in touch with Faydety experts


All you have to do is to get in touch with one of our experts on medical insurance for individuals to solve all your medical insurance problems. 

Faydety’s experts will also help you compare between different offers and find the best medical insurance plan for your situation.


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Download Faydety mobile application


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