10 Conditions for Buying Duty-Free Car for the Disabled 2022

Publish Date: 14 Nov 2022

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10 Conditions for Buying Duty-Free Car for the Disabled 2022

Find out the prices of disabled vehicles in 2022

Before applying you should learn more about the terms & conditions set by the Egyptian government for purchasing a duty-free vehicle for disabled persons as part of the initiative sponsored by the government to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities. 


Faydety will tell you everything you may need to know about buying disabled cars including if you can resell them.


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How to apply for a car for the disabled?


The applicant must register their data on the Ministry of Health’s specialized medical committees’ website.

Approval is not guaranteed unless all stages of the application are filled out correctly and all conditions are fulfilled. 


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Prerequisites for obtaining cars for the disabled 


1-Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

2-Only valid for Egyptians nationals.

3-The vehicle can only be registered under the name of the disabled person as its owner in order to ensure that he/she benefits from the customs exemption. 

4-The car must not exceed 1600 cc.

5-The car must comply with the specifications set by the Medical Commission.

6-The ability of the individual with disabilities to drive the car must be verified by undergoing a medical examination.

7-The Ministry of Social Solidarity verifies the financial situation of the applicant to ensure their ability to pay for and maintain the car.

8-The extent to which the applicant needs a car for the disabled shall be determined through a report by the Supreme Council.


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Are you allowed to resell a handicap vehicle?


9-A handicap car obtained under the initiative cannot be sold until after 5 years from its purchase date.


Medical examination reservation website 


10-To reserve medical examination appointments for applicants, click here


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