4 signs that your car needs a tire alignment adjustment

Publish Date: 20 Sep 2022

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4 signs that your car needs a tire alignment adjustment

Be careful if your car keeps pulling in one direction while you are driving!

Sometimes while you are driving you may find the car pulling to the right or left direction and you start to feel that the car is unbalanced.


This will be more noticeable while speeding, and it simply happens when there is inconsistency in the angles of the tires. All you need to do is to adjust the angles so that each tire is directed in the same direction as the rest of the tires.   


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How do I know my car needs a tire alignment adjustment? 


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Tire alignment adjustment


  • The steering wheel vibrates and is off center while driving.
  • You hear a whistling sound coming from the front tires, especially at U-Turn and when taking curves.
  • Uneven tread wear. 
  • The car pulls in the right or left direction.


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Top stores offering tire alignment adjustment services and prices in 2022


Tire alignment is not an expensive maintenance, with a cost ranging from 60 to 100 Egyptian pounds. Of course, prices vary from one place to another and can increase if there are accompanying services in addition to adjusting the angles, but this service can be done anywhere from gas stations to the centers specialized in tires and their maintenance. In this article we will tell you the most famous places:   


  • Fit & Fix: they have branches in many governorates and you can know their locations here.
  • Tamco Tires Service Center: they have branches in many governorates, find their locations here
  • Ghataty: find their branches all over Egypt here
  • Ebad Alrahman Center for Adjusting Car Angles: located in Saqr Quraish in Maadi , you ca contact them here


Always remember to periodically check the angles at least once a year, when you replace the tires, or after any accident. 

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