Facts about Adly Mansour Station: Monorail Ticket Prices

Publish Date: 03 Jul 2022

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Facts about Adly Mansour Station: Monorail Ticket Prices

Which stations will the light rail transit (LRT) stop at?

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inaugurated Adly Mansour station and launched the new light rail transit electronic train on the 3rd of July 2022. The LRT starts at Adly Mansour station and goes all the way to the Arts and Culture Centre station at the New Administrative Capital.


Faydety is here to tell you all about Adly Mansour station, ticket prices and which stations will the LRT stop at.


Check out this video for more information on the station and the LRT.


Ticket prices:


  • 3 stations: 15 EGP 
  • 5 stations: 20 EGP
  • 7 stations: 25 EGP
  • 9 stations: 35 EGP


Which stations will the LRT stop at?

Description: alqtar_alkhrbayy_alkhfyf_afttah_alryys_alsysy_c1e72a03cc.jpg

The new light rail transit LRT train


  • Adly Mansour
  • Al Obour
  • El Mostakbal (Future)
  • El Shorouk
  • New Heliopolis 
  • Badr
  • El Roubiki
  • Knowledge city
  • Hadayek Al Assima
  • Capital airport
  • Arts & culture centre (new capital)


Interesting facts about Adly Mansour station:


It is an interchange station and is considered the largest station in the Middle East.

The station is built over 15 acres.

It is a full service transportation complex and is also an investment zone.

The station links Cairo metro’s third line (Attaba-Adly Mansour), the LRT (Adly Mansour station-Arts & Culture City station), the ENR Cairo-Suez railway line, Superjet bus station, and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services.




  • The station is bounded on the north by Cairo-Ismailia road and the Ring Road. 
  • On the South it is bounded by the third line maintenance workshops.
  • On the east it is bounded by the Ring Road.
  • On the West it is bounded by land owned by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.


Adly Mansour station main gate:


  • The main gate’s dimensions are 91 metres at a height of 19 metres.
  • It will include the administrative and technical offices of the station.
  • The station has a metal canopy topped with aluminium and weatherproof glass slates.
  • Will include three stations over 3700 metres, the Al Salam-10th Ramadan- New Capital line station over 6400 meters and the ENR Cairo-Suez station over 6200 meters. 
  • Adly Mansour station will also accommodate a Superjet station and a BRT station. 




  • The station has parking areas for 400 cars.
  • The BRT stop area for buses headed to Al Salam province bus stop.
  • Several pedestrian tunnels connect the main station to different areas as well as three sub-exits.
  • The inner roads are 1200 metres long, pedestrian tunnels are 200 metres long while green areas cover 31,000 square meters.


Three levels: 


  • The station is composed of three levels with a total area of 10,000 square meters.
  • The first floor includes 12 ticket and subscription outlets, two automated ticket machines, 32 entry gates, and two metal detectors. A temperature detection machine was installed with a 30 passenger capacity. 
  • 4 escalators to transport passengers from the ground floor to the 1st floor.
  • Two elevators for the elderly and special needs passengers.
  • Administrative offices. 
  • The first floor also includes the control room, electric power rooms, communication rooms, train control rooms, two prayer areas, two restrooms and eight escalators to the platform level.
  • There are three rails, 2 to serve the third metro line and an additional train storage rail.
  • The station is constantly monitored by 65 indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

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