Faydety App: Why You Need It on Your Phone ASAP!

Publish Date: 11 Apr 2022

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Faydety App: Why You Need It on Your Phone ASAP!

How will the application Faydety you?

Why do we download an app on our phones from Apple Store or Google Play Store? Of course, it is because it is beneficial to us in some way and will provide either a good service or some fun.


Which is why you need to have Faydety app on your phone right now. Faydety online application is one of the best apps out there that provide information on banking and insurance services and products.


Faydety Application:


Faydety app for banking and insurance brokerage is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store for iPhone and Android. By downloading the app, you can benefit from the many offered services such as personal loans, car loans, credit card services, car insurance and personal accident insurance among others.


Through Faydety application you can easily apply for loans, and credit card, as well as insurance products from the comfort of your home on your phone. You’ll save both time and money.


Faydety can help you understand your banking and insurance services and transactions. Faydety Blog can provide more information on many topics related to the banking and insurance sectors. Information that you should be aware of in order to secure your financial future.


Why is Faydety app such as great product?


Faydety app is the first online financial supermarket in Egypt. Simply put it allows any ordinary person to register and access the Egyptian banking and insurance products available on the market and it only takes 3 easy steps to complete any service. No hassle, no complications.


Step #1: understand the different services and products on offer. What’s available and what’s best for your needs and circumstances.

Step #2: compare between different banks or insurance providers that offer the required service.

Step #3: apply to the required service directly through the application at any time.

                                Download Faydety app for Android here

                                Download Faydety app for iPhone here

Anything and everything you need to know about the banking or insurance sectors is easily accessible. You will even be able to apply for many services without any additional fees.


Everything in ONE place:


Faydety partners with top banks in Egypt for your comfort and to provide you with the best loans and credit cards available on the market in a simplified manner. It is also free!


Through the application you will be able to apply for:

  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Credit cards
  • Car insurance
  • Personal accident insurance




Through Faydety app you can keep track of the fluctuations in the price of the US Dollar and the price of other currencies, as well as the price of buy/sell in different banks.


Faydety Contests:


Faydety also has contests on the application where you can win many prizes during Ramadan 2022.


                                Forget your hunger. Play & win on Faydety app during Ramadan

Download Faydety app for Android here

Download Faydety app for iPhone here.

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