How to Calculate Car Insurance Premium? The Easiest Way

Publish Date: 16 Mar 2022

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How to Calculate Car Insurance Premium? The Easiest Way

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Faydety will help you navigate the insurance world to find the best car insurance policies, offers, calculate the insurance premium, and apply for the car insurance policy of your choice in a few easy steps from the comfort of your home!


Car insurance is a type of insurance that covers damage caused to your vehicle in case of an accident. This damage may be caused by collision or rollover due to a traffic accident, theft or robbery, or fire, as well as premeditated damage caused by a third party (as long as they are not employed by the insured).


How to choose the best car insurance company for you?


Access Faydety Insurance Brokerage website or Faydety application and enter the required data for car insurance in the designated fields.

Compare between the available offers from different insurance companies and select the policy the fits your criteria.


Make sure you check the following and not just the insurance premium:


  • Endurance ratio.
  • Whether the policy includes the possibility to repair the vehicle right away or to pay for repairs then get a refund.
  • Administrative fees.
  • Road assist services.
  • Third party liability coverage.


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Required information needed to apply for a car insurance policy:


If you’re trying to find out how to calculate the insurance premium and find the best offers from car insurance companies Faydety will help you but first let’s find out the information that must be submitted to the insurance companies:


  • Car brand.
  • Car model
  • Year of manufacturing.
  • Estimated value of the car.


Find out more on how to select the best car insurance company for you here: How To: Guide to Choose the Right Car Insurance Company.

The Top Car Insurance Companies in Egypt (such as AXA):


  1. Tokyo Marine
  2. GiG
  3. Royal
  4. Orient
  5. Mohandes Insurance Co.
  6. Egyptian Takaful Insurance
  7. AXA
  8. Sarwa.


Required documentation to apply for a car insurance policy:


  • Car license or official document from the Traffic Department.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Owner’s age and their national ID card.


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