Potato Bread Will Save One Million Tonnes of Wheat per Year

Publish Date: 28 Jun 2022

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Potato Bread Will Save One Million Tonnes of Wheat per Year

A local Egyptian product that is available year round

Sweet potato bread was one of the most searched on topics on Google lately. Join Faydety as we explore the topic and find out how this bread will save Egypt one million tonnes of wheat every year.


20 years ago Abdel Moneim el Guindi an Egyptian researcher came up with different methods to manufacture our Egyptian baladi bread. Last Ramadan the New Valley (El Wadi El Gedid) governorate implemented his idea for sweet potato bread. The new type of baladi bread was named Guindawy after its creator.


Solves the wheat problem:


El Wadi El Gedid Governor Mohammed al Zamlout stated during his meeting with Minister of Supply and Internal Trading Ali al Moselhy that the solution for the wheat crisis in Egypt is available, affordable and produces a high quality product.


According to Governor al Zamlout Egypt is taking serious steps to incorporate a new genetically modified sweet potato to produce local bread which will save almost 1,000,000 tonnes of wheat per year.


What’s so special about potato bread?


  • It is filling and contains less sugar than regular wheat bread but doesn’t taste much different.
  • The variety of sweet potato used has 26% more dry matter than the 11% present in the regular Egyptian sweet potato variety.
  • Farmers will receive special benefits. One acre of sweet potato will have a much greater production rate (almost 20 tonnes per acre) which is equivalent to 10 acres of wheat production.


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How is the potato bread made?


  • After the sweet potatoes are harvested and cleaned thoroughly they are boiled and packed in special containers before being transported to bakeries.
  • The boiled sweet potatoes are mixed directly with wheat flour.
  • Water for kneading is less since the boiled sweet potato contains a percentage of water.
  • The dough is kneaded normally and the bread produced has a great taste and is of high quality.


Check this video on the production of potato bread


Lower cost and price:


President of the Bakery Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce Mr Attia Hammad stated that potato bread is a genius idea with huge economic reaches including decreasing the cost of production of bread and as a result the price of the bread itself.


Hammad also stated that one of the biggest problems faced by Egypt when it comes to baladi bread manufacturing is the cost. One loaf costs 80 Piasters and is sold to the general public for five piasters after subsidies, which is a burden on the country.

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