Tahrir Complex: How much will the renovations cost?

Publish Date: 14 Aug 2022

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Tahrir Complex: How much will the renovations cost?

How much was the original cost to build the Mogamma?

The Tahrir Complex for governmental services or as we all know it Mogamma El Tahrir is a vital part of our government and is one of the oldest buildings in Tahrir square. even though the square itself has undergone several renovations the building remained the same and keeps playing host to thousands of citizens everyday.

Tahrir complex was built around the time the last British troops left Egypt. At the time King Farouk decided to tear down the British barracks at Ismailia Square (currently Tahrir square) and develop the area for the good of the Egyptian people.


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How much did it cost to build El Mogamma?


In 1948 Egyptian architect Mohammed Kamal Ismail Bey started building the complex (at the time called Al Galaa Complex) and construction costs were 350,000 Egyptian pounds with the purpose of facilitating governmental services for Egyptian citizens


Mogamma El Tahrir


The Mogamma has 14 floors built over 28,000 metres square and at a height of 55 metres.

The building includes 1356 offices and has wide halls, windows, and numerous hallways. If you’ve never been there in person, then you must have seen it in Egyptian star Adel Imam’s movie “Al Erhab wa al kabab” (literally Terrorism and Kebab),

Renovating the Mogamma is part of the Egyptian government’s plan to renovate and develop Khedivial Cairo 


How much would it cost to repurpose the Mogamma into a hotel?


The Cairo House consortium already started their renovations and the Mogamma will be turned into a tourist attraction with an initial investment of 240 million Egyptian pounds. More funding is currently being sought from investors and banks


Global Ventures group


One of the companies in the consortium is Global Ventures whose founding partner stated that the Mogamma will be a tourism icon. The project's timeline is 31 months (2.5 years) and should be done by 2024/2025


The renovations by Cairo House consortium include 350 guest rooms, 50 wings as well as several hotel apartments in addition to restaurants and a shopping mall. Other facilities include a swimming pool on the roof and entertainment areas

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