8 Situations Covered by Car Insurance Policies

Publish Date: 17 Jan 2022


8 Situations Covered by Car Insurance Policies

How do you choose the right car insurance provider?

If you don’t know what car insurance is and how it can benefit you then keep reading as Faydety explains everything.

Car insurance is there in case your car is involved in an accident such as:


  • The car is stolen or broken into.
  • Fire.
  • A premeditated harmful act by a third party as long as they are not an employee of the policy owner.
  • Traffic accidents.


What is covered by car insurance policies?


The insurance policy covers wear & tear and loss that occur as direct result of any of the following hazards:


  • Collision or rollover caused by an accident or sudden mechanical failure or as a result of daily wear & tear.
  • Fire and explosions (internal or external).
  • Premeditated harmful act by a third party as long as they are not employed by the insured and the vehicle was not in the employee’s custody, possession or control or under the control of their family.
  • The car is stolen or broken into.
  • Attempted theft or attempted break in.
  • Damage caused during land or inland river transportation or while crossing water canals/channels from one bank to another, rail transportation or by using lifts or hoisting machines. This also includes loading and unloading activities related to the previously mentioned transportation methods. 


How to choose a car insurance company?


There are several criteria that influence how you select a car insurance company; they include the company’s reputation, their prices, and the services they offer. To find more check our article, How To: Guide to Choose the Right Car Insurance Company.


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