960 EGP per Ticket: Revenue Omar Khairat Concerts Make?

Publish Date: 20 Apr 2022


960 EGP per Ticket: Revenue Omar Khairat Concerts Make?

The Cairo Opera House Main Hall seats 1300!

Omar Khairat’s concerts are always under the spotlight and always sold out as soon as the tickets are up for sale whether they tale place at the Cairo Opera House or another location such as the Sound & Light Theatre by the Pyramids. 


In May 2022 Omar Khairat has two concerts planned taking place at the Cairo Opera House Main Hall on the 15th & 16th. Ticket prices are 460, 760, and 960 EGP.


Want to know the total revenue for Omar Khairat’s concerts? Stick around as we break the numbers down.


Cairo Opera House’s Main Hall:


The main Hall theatre is the largest most beautiful, and luxurious theatre in Egypt. The hall can be accessed through a hallway that opens up to different areas of the Opera House. There are 1300 seats divided on 4 levels: 3 elevated upper levels and the main floor area. The Main Hall boats the latest technological advances in sound and light and the most advanced tech and gear in Africa and the Middle East. The Orchestra Pit is attached to the stage and in 20m wide and 10m high.


Main Hall: Seats & Prices


According to the Main Hall floor plan available to the public on ticketsmall the hall has 1052 available for online sale.

960 EGP Ticket: 618 seats. Total price of 1st category is 593,280 EGP.

760 EGP Ticket: 224 seats. Total price of 2nd category is 170,240 EGP.

460 EGP Ticket: 210 seats. Total price of 3rd category is 96,600 EGP.

Total revenue of online tickets sales: 860,120 EGP.


However, the Cairo Opera House official website states that there are 1300 seats total not 1052 which means the remaining 250 seats are not available online but are probably reserved for VIP guests. The prices of these seats are not indicated. 

Also note that the Cairo Opera House does take a cut of the sales but their percentage is unknown.

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