Best 5 perfumes in Egypt starting at 60 EGP

Publish Date: 15 Sep 2022


Best 5 perfumes in Egypt starting at 60 EGP

Little black dress for women from Avon 10 millilitres for 60 EGP

Perfumes have become an essential part of our daily routine we all look for the longest lasting perfume at the best price. Let’s find out the best perfumes out there, their prices and where they are available.


Little black dress by Avon


Top five perfumes and their prices:


  • Little black dress eau de parfum By Avon: 60 EGP
  • Tender for women by My Way eau de toilette 50 ml: 165 EGP
  • Team 5 eau de toilette By Adidas 100 ml: 125 EGP
  • Far away glamour Eau de parfum by Avon 50 ml: 244 EGP



Description: عطر للرجال , الاكتر مبيعًا ؟, أسعار البرفانات

Victory edition for him by Adidas (Champions League edition)


Best sellers and their prices:


  • Victory edition for him by Adidas 100 millilitres: 141 EGP
  • Team force Adidas eau de toilette 100 millilitres : 160 EGP
  • Tender for women eau de toilette by My Way 50ML: 75 Egypt


Can imitation perfume be better? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


Making your own perfume can be better price wise as the price ranges from three to four Egyptian pounds per gram and this is after the increase in dollar. 


It is more affordable than pre-made perfume and it can last for hours but one of its disadvantages is that it could leave traces on clothes. When using custom perfume, it is advisable to spray them from a suitable distance of at least 25 centimetres so that they don’t stain our clothes.


Be careful


There are five types of perfume each one with their own concentration so pay attention when buying your next perfume bottle




Has the strongest sent with a concentration of 20 to 40% essential oils. This is most suitable for those with sensitive skin as the alcohol percentage is much lower than other types, more alcohol equals drier skin. 


Dissent lasts between 6 to 8 hours which makes perfumes usually more expensive.


Eau de parfum:


The concentration is between 10 to 30% and lasts between four to six hours. This is the most popular for customers


Eau de toilette:


The average concentration is between 5 to 20% and this type is most suitable for summer as the scent is lighter and usually lasts between four to five hours.


Eau de Cologne:


This type contains higher levels of alcohol and water with a very light concentration between 2 to 4%. It traditionally contains herbs and citrus scents and is most popular amongst men. The scent lasts between one to two hours


Eau fraîche:


Basically made out of water and a very small - 1 to 3% - amount of fragrance. It lasts less than two hours.


Find the best prices for perfumes on both Amazon and Jumia

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