Best Medical Insurance for only 250 EGP per Year

Publish Date: 26 Jun 2022


Best Medical Insurance for only 250 EGP per Year

Get your card in less than one minute!

Are you on the market for great medical insurance that will alleviate the burden of medical expenses and will always be available anywhere in Egypt? Then look no further as we tell you all about Faydety Care Plus Card for medical discounts. Get a whole year for only 250 EGP!


Faydety Care Plus Card offers discounts up to 60% on different medical services across the country. You can also use it for the whole year without a limit on how many discounts you can use.


This medical insurance is great for both individuals and companies. It is very beneficial for the latter since as a company owner you can ensure all your employees at a very affordable price. Also since Faydety Care Plus Card offers a wide range of medical services your employee satisfaction rate will skyrocket as well!


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Discounts offered by the card:


  • 50% discount in 651 clinics.
  • 14% discount in 601 pharmacies
  • 40% discount in 147 optics centres and clinics.
  • 60% discount in 694 medical laboratories.
  • 40% discount in 385 hospitals.
  • 40% discount in 163 medical imaging centres.


Faydety Care Plus Card for medical discounts


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Find a detailed guide on the medical network and discounts here


How can I get Faydety Care Plus Card?


Download Faydety application here and get your own card in minutes.

Don’t forget the card is valid for a whole year from date of issue and with no limit on how many discounts you can use per year.


In just a few minutes you can apply and pay for your e-card and immediately start utilising the available discounts on different medical services for both individuals and groups.

Check our video for more details

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