Celebrities & Insurance: El-Andaleeb for 50,000 EGP

Publish Date: 16 Feb 2022


Celebrities & Insurance: El-Andaleeb for 50,000 EGP

Mariah Carey’s insurance policy started at $810 million and is now a whopping $1.035 billion!

Do you know that many Egyptian celebrities have insurance policies? For example, Abdel Halim Hafez insured his voice for 50,000 EGP, Nour El Sherif’s policy was for 5,000 EGP & Al-Zaeem Adel Emam’s policy was for 20,000 EGP. It is also rumored that Haifa Wahbe has a one billion dollars insurance policy on her body and life.


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Let’s talk international celebrities and their insurance policies:


The highest celebrity insurance policy is owned by the great diva Mariah Carey. The policy started out for $810 million and has now reached the enormous sum of $1.035 billion. The policy covers both her voice as well as specific body parts. She is after all the face of Gillette’s “Legs of a Goddess” campaign.


All football stars have insurance policies for specific body parts:


  • David Beckham: insured his legs for $159 million.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: insured his legs for $90 million.


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  • Fernando Alonso: the Formula One champion has both his thumbs insured for $15 million not just because the thumbs are important when driving but also because his thumbs are part of the “victory sign” he does when he wins.
  • America Ferrera (famously known for playing Betty in “Ugly Betty”): insured her smile (&teeth) for 10 million dollars.
  • Daniel Craig: the James Bond star prefers to do his own stunts which is why he has a $9.5 million policy.
  • Last but not least, the celebrity who started it all Ms. Betty Grable. Born 1916, dies 1973 the American actress was famous for her beauty and for her shapely legs. She was the first celebrity to insure a body part (her legs) in 1943 for the sum of $1,000,000 which is how she earned the nickname “The Most Expensive Legs in History” at the time.


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Egyptian celebrities:


  • Abdel Halim Hafez “Al Andaleeb Al Asmar” insured his throat for 50,000 EGP – a huge sum at the time- as he was concerned his voice may be affected by the fickle Egyptian weather.
  • Saad Ardash: an Egyptian actor and director. He had a 1,000 EGP life insurance policy.
  • Nour El Sherif: the actor had a 5,000 EGP life insurance policy.
  • Hussein Fahmy bought 2 policies in the 80s each worth 20,000 EGP. One for him and the other for his children.


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  • Laila Elwi has a 10,000 EGP life insurance policy.
  • Adel Emam has a 20,000 EGP policy.
  • Mustafa Metwalli had a 100,000 EGP life insurance policy which was collected by his beneficiaries upon his death.
  • Other celebrities like Mervat Amin, Nadia Lotfy, Zubaida Tharwat, & Magda El Khatib also had insurance policies in their names.


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  • Mohamed Fouad and Amr Diab each had a 2,000 EGP policy in the 80s.
  • Many celebrities whether in the entertainment or sports fields have their properties and cars insured as well.

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